The Story of Invicta Filter

A Better Way to Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly

Our filters help keep your equipment running smoothly! Founded in 2018, at Invicta Filter, we aim to offer our customers high quality fuel filters.  

The creators of Invicta Filter understand that machine owners are often blindsided by contaminants and fuel additives that are too fine for regular filters. The fine dirt in the fuel can easily break a machine down, thus, we created Invicta Filter – a tough filter for the finest of fuel dirt. 

We take pride in our nano technology and our new and improved fuel filtering systems – firsts in the industry. 

The Invicta Filter features durability that can stand the toughest of filtering issues. With Invicta Filter, you can be ensured that the damage to your favorite machines won’t start from within. 

About the Invicta Filter Team

Invicta Filter is the brainchild of automotive enthusiasts who are obsessed with keeping cars clean inside and out. 

The founders have experienced the frustrations of car issues stemming from dirty, unfiltered fuel. In October 2018, when one of their prized automobiles gave in because of an internal issue, both of them threw their hands in the air and said “Enough is enough.” After spending thousands of dollars on car problems, they determined that the only way to kick the problem to the curb is coming up with a filter of their own. 

Today, the Invicta Filter has helped thousands of automobile owners avoid car issues. We’ve been in the market for three years, and we’re happy to report that we’re going strong. 

The Invicta Filter team is composed of teams from the US, China, and the Philippines. The team collectively works together to provide a fuel filter that went through a thorough research process, quality checks, and safe distribution. 

Our Mission

With car fuel quality dwindling in the past 10 years, we believe that car owners shouldn’t be complacent about the liquids that come into their cars. The goal of Invicta Filter is to help every driver out there have a peace of mind that not even the finest contaminants can get into the car’s system. 

We push through with our mission by ensuring quality filtering comes with our filters. Our filters go through thorough checks from automobile experts. Our commitment has pushed us to check the quality of our filters every year to make sure it can stand even the undetectable contaminants. 

Where You Can Find Us

You can find Invicta Filter in Shenzhen, China. Our manufacturing partners are located in Hangzhou, China. 

Our warehouses are located in three prime locations across the globe – one in Hong Kong, another one in Shenzhen, and a warehouse in the United States.

High Precision Filtering

Invicta Filter features a complex, multi-slot filtering system for thorough fuel clean-up.

Powerful Nano Filters

Featuring the latest in filtering technology, the Invicta Filter can handle even the finest additives and contaminants.

Made to Durably Last

In the battle between Invicta Filter and tough chemicals, the heavy duty 7076 and 6061 alloy filters win.

Easy to Use

The best filtering system that's easy to operate, low-maintenance and safe.