Better Filtering System, Better Durability, Made for Heavy Work

Harmful contaminants have no chance with the reinvented, redesigned, high performance filters of the Invicta Filter.

The Nano Filtering Technology for the Finest Contaminants

The filters that do the rough work - even the smallest contaminants have no escape.

Your Partner to High Performance Filtering

Referred "second to none" by our avid fans, Invicta Filter spruces up the game with a multi-slot, filtering system that features a nanofilter technology. This enables high-precision filtering that eliminates potential contaminants no matter how undetectable and fine they are.

Versatile Filters for All Needs

The updated design of the Invicta Filter features the attachments and closures unique only to our filter. Invicta Filter is revamped to cater to filtering for all kinds of needs - fuel filtering for rides of all sizes, and for air pumps, gas pumps, and water pumps in farms.

Durability Guaranteed

Made with anti-corrosion, durable, and sturdy 7076, and 6061 alloy, the Invicta Filter can take on fuels, chemicals and other contaminants without yielding, corroding, or breaking.

High Precision Filtering

Invicta Filter features a complex, multi-slot filtering system for thorough fuel clean-up.

Powerful Nano Filters

Featuring the latest in filtering technology, the Invicta Filter can handle even the finest additives and contaminants.

Made to Durably Last

In the battle between Invicta Filter and tough chemicals, the heavy duty 7076 and 6061 alloy filters win.

Easy to Use

The best filtering system that's easy to operate, low-maintenance and safe.